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Design your own diamond painting!

Design your own diamond painting!


A clear map is printed on the canvas when you order a painting at Happy Painting. This map shows you where each diamond should be placed. But who says you cannot design your diamond painting? Time for a fun craft project! 

design your diamond painting


  • Supply of leftover diamonds
  • Diamond painting pen, wax, tray and tweezers (these are included in our starters kit you get with every painting)
  • Blank canvas, for sale in our webshop! Otherwise, you can buy a regular canvas in any other hobby store.
  • Transparent double-sided tape, not too thick (available at any hardware store, but not needed when you get the blank canvas from our shop)
  • A large dose of creativity!

Take a blank canvas

Make a nice drawing on the canvas. Go nuts! You can do this freehand, or you can work a bit tighter with a ruler (this makes it easier to place the stones neatly). Something existing or abstract? Everything is possible, it is your diamond painting!

Now you have to make the choice: will it be a full diamond painting (so do you cover the entire canvas with diamonds), or do you only stick the diamonds in certain places and leave the rest of your artwork open?

In case of a full diamond painting, you don’t have to work with colour or paint while designing. The diamonds that you will stick on later, will provide the colour. If you will only stick the diamonds in certain places, we recommend that you paint or colour the other pieces nicely!

self-designed diamond painting of a deer

^ This is an example of a partial, self-designed diamond painting!

Stick the double-sided tape on the pieces where you will stick the diamonds later. It is easy when it becomes a full diamond painting. Then you will stick the strips of tape over the entire length of the painting. It doesn’t matter if they don’t connect completely seamlessly. With partial diamond painting, it is more precise because you only want to stick tape in certain places. In some places, you may have to cut the tape a little.

Ready to paint! Now stick the colours of diamonds that you selected on the double-sided tape so that they stick to the canvas. This is a very precise task. Make sure that the diamonds are straight and tightly next to each other for the best result!

* If you don’t like to work with double-sided tape, you can also use super glue. Squeeze a small amount of glue from the tube on the spot just before you are going to place the diamond. Or, perhaps even better, order a blank canvas from Happy Painting!

Happy Painting Store Blank Canvas


Here is a nice video for you as inspiration about making your own diamond painting! We are curious about your creations! Share them below or on our Facebook page. More ideas for using leftover stones coming soon!

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