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How does it work?


Diamond Painting is really popular at the moment. It is fun and it makes you relaxed! There are diamond paintings in many different collections. There are collections of animals, flowers, landscapes or even ones where you can choose your own picture! Ofcourse you'd like to start as soon as possible with diamond painting! But how does it work? The instructions below tell you exactly how to start and what to focus on for an incredible result! Are you ready?



Before you start, you should know what’s inside your Diamond Painting Kit. You will find all items listed below:

  • Diamond Painting Pen: With this pen, you can pick up the diamonds from the tray and stick them on the canvas easily.
  • Diamond Panting Tweezer: You can pick up or move diamonds with the tweezer. This is very useful if you want to press the diamonds as straight as possible on the canvas.
  • Wax: You need wax to stick the diamonds on the Diamond Painting Pen
  • Diamonds: You stick diamonds on the canvas. You use the Diamond Painting Pen to do this. The diamonds have numbers that corresponds with the certain spots on the Diamond Painting canvas.
  • Sorting tray: With this tray, you can keep the diamonds of one certain colour together. It makes it easier to sort out too. Shake this tray with the chosen colour in it to make them fall on the flat side so the diamonds are easily picked up.
  • Diamond Painting Canvas: When ordering your diamond painting, you decide what image will be on the canvas. Over the image, there is a grid with symbols which indicates where you should stick which colour diamonds.

Want to start off right? Read our step-to-step guideline below!



Of course you would like to start your Diamond Painting as soon as possible. But it is important to prepare well! This makes it easier to work on your painting without stopping or checking what you have to do all the time. With these instructions, you know exactly how it works and which order you have to follow. You can start immediately!

Make sure that your background is stable and big enough for your Diamond Painting. We also recommend that this spot is in no other use for a while, so you don’t have to move your painting in the meantime. A desk, dining, - or kitchen table is good enough as a basic to work on.

Unwrap the box carefully and place all items on the table. Unroll the canvas and check if you have all the bags with diamonds you need. You will receive a list with the codes, symbols, amount of diamonds in total and the amount of bags. Decide for yourself with which colour diamond you would like to start. Starting at the bottom is easiest. Place the diamonds of the selected colour in the tray and shake!

Remove a small part of the protection foil from the canvas. Never remove more than you the area you'd like to work on. Next step is to take the pen, dip it's top inside the wax and push this on the rounded side of the diamond. The flattened side will be sticked on the canvas.

Now stick the diamond in their right place on the canvas. Pay attention to the symbol on the canvas and the colour number of the diamond. They have to match.

Continue this until you have covered all symbols on the canvas with diamonds and there it is, your Diamond Painting!



  • Leave the protection foil on the canvas for as long as possible. This layer protects your painting against moist and dust, and makes sure the diamonds stick well. Remove the foil from the areas you are going to work on. We recommend you to work from bottom to top.
  • Take one colour at the time. By doing this, you avoid mistakes and don’t have to switch colours. It is good to keep a clear overview!
  • Place the diamonds with the round side up in the tray. Shake the tray carefully to make the diamonds fall into the right place. This will make it easier to pick up the diamonds and you to stick them on faster.

Need more diamond painting advice? Please go to our blog and read about advice from our Happy Painting fans.  



By reading this article you are ready to start! Would you like to take a look at our designs? Go to our collection page. Would you rather make your own personalised painting? Then choose our Custom Diamond Painting! Or do you prefer to start right away with a complete kit? Then order the Happy Painting Starters Kit today.