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Take your time with Diamond Painting

Custom Photo Diamond Painting

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What is diamond painting?

With diamond painting you can completely relax and you can create breathtaking masterpieces from your own home. In diamond painting, you place hundreds of glittering stones, one at a time, on a color-coded self-adhesive canvas to create a vibrant, glittering work of art.

When you are done, you can frame the painting and give it a nice place in the house. Our diamond paintings are also very suitable as gifts for family and friends. Choose from our different collections and experience it for yourself! You can also have a diamond painting made of your own photo with us, very popular at the moment!


Relax with Diamond Painting

As you use the premium diamond painting pen and place the first diamond, feel the stress melt away and relax completely - knowing that this time is just for you. When you have covered the painting completely with diamonds, you experience a satisfied feeling. You made this amazing masterpiece yourself!