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Custom Painting with black and white photos

Custom Painting with black and white photos

Black and white photos are beautiful. It gives your picture a completely different experience than photos in colour. Colour photos can distract you from the subject, where the contrasts from a black and white photo bring out your subject. These kinds of photos are suitable for diamond paintings. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

Black & white diamond painting of dog


As described in our previous blog, you know the best ways to choose the perfect photo for a custom photo painting. Haven’t you read it yet? Click here. Now you have chosen a beautiful black and white photo.

When designing diamond paintings and printing the canvas, the photos are enlarged up to a thousand times. The computer selects the pixels and converts them to diamonds. Each loose pixel gets a corresponding colour diamond. Remember, the larger the size of your painting, the more room there is for details and colour gradients.

But what is so special about black and white photos? You will not believe it, but black and white photos also have colour.

A black and white photo has a maximum of 256 shades of grey. Greyscale images are 8-bit images. Each pixel in a greyscale mode image has a brightness value between 0 (black) and 255 (white). Imagine that all numbers between 0 and 255 (so there are quite a few) have different colours.

We cannot see those with the unaided eye. But there are pixels in the photo who for example has colours like pink, light green and purple/lilac. These shades provide contrast, depth and a beautiful colour gradient.

Black & white diamond painting of a baby

Don’t be surprised if you are busy with your black and white diamond painting and suddenly you will find diamonds with colour! When the artwork is finished and you admire it from a distance, it will fall into place…Promise! 

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