Wax | 15 pieces

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The best diamond paintings are exclusively available at Happy Painting Store. We have already been able to help more than 100.000 satisfied customers to discover this fun and relaxing hobby! 

You cannot work without wax if you are making a diamond painting! It is super essential. Wax makes the diamonds stick to the pen which is necessary to press them onto the canvas. Without wax, there is no beautiful painting!

How does it work? Remove the bit of plastic off the wax. Take your pen and dip it in the wax. Make sure you don’t get too many wax inside of the pen. It is not recommended to have wax sticking out of the pen. You can use the wax multiple times. If your diamonds do not stick anymore, you should get a new piece of wax. Piece of cake right?

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Wax | 15 pieces for Diamond Painting

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