Get creative with your leftover diamonds!


Because we always provide 20% more diamonds then you need to finish your painting, there will be some diamonds left after finishing your project. It would be a shame to throw them away of course.

There are many things you can do with your extra diamonds. Get inspired to do a fun do-it-yourself-craft project here!


Make your own greeting cards with diamonds! Receiving a self-made card is already so thoughtful, but you can make it even more special by sticking your leftover diamonds on it. We occasionally see this passing by from our customers, it makes every greeting card fun!


Here you can find a fun tutorial for making your own cute Valentines Day card!


Use your own diamonds to cheer up your diamond painting tools! Tape your storage boxes or use your leftover stones to spice up your standard pen.


Or make a super cute birdhouse! This way you attract all the birds in the area. And it looks very pretty on your balcony or in the garden.

Boring, transparent tea lights get a lot nicer to look at with some coloured diamonds on them! Also, this gives a super nice effect when the candle is burning and the light shines through the diamonds in the evening!

^ Check out these super-hip coasters! Tip: only make them to put your drinks on it. Coasters for pans will get too hot and causes that the diamonds will melt.

Make every working day a bit more fun by brightening up your office supplies! Cover a pen tray or turn your notebook into a true work of art. To get inspired, you can check out our designs of notebooks


You can cover all flat surfaces with stones, as long as you have good and strong glue or double-sided tape. This way you can brighten up all plain items with the prettiest colours, such as these storage box or tissue box. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Tissue boxes are also very popular to cheer up. Doesn’t matter if it is cardboard or wood, it always looks nicer with diamonds!

^ Or make decoration even more fun for your home with a 5D special effect by adding diamond painting diamonds! How amazing do these butterflies look?!

Don’t feel like doing messy jobs with double-sided tape or glue? You do not have to glue the diamonds to a certain item! They can also serve as decoration when you put them loose in a pot or a vaste. The different colours immediately give a cheerful result!

Or you can design your own Diamond Painting! This is a bit more complicated, so we only recommend the experienced painter. We have written a separate blog about this, read it here! Note: this requires a very precise hand and a large dose of creativity.

We are very curious about what else you have come up with. Share your creations in the comments. Because throwing away = a waste and bad for the environment!



  • THeresa LYnne PHilippe

    I’m very anxious to get my diamond painting. P.S. thank you for the tip on leftover diamonds

  • Sue

    Really looking forward to getting my first painting from you. Also, thanks for the ideas for using leftover diamonds.

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