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    When Stella discovered Diamond Painting...

    When Stella discovered Diamond Painting...

    Yay, our first customer blog. We are so excited!

    In this blog we'd like to introduce you to Stella from the United Kingdom.

    Although she has only joined the Happy Painting Community recently, she is an absolute diamond painting fanatic, who liked to share her story with you!

    From Stella: 

    'I have been doing diamond painting for over 2 years and I love every minute of it. I find it so therapeutic and relaxing with a wonderful end result. I have a library of over 40 completed kits ranging from teddy bears and baby animals for new babies, lots of custom dogs and cats for their beloved owners and beautiful daughters and grandchildren as well as run of the mill canvases for friends to hang on their walls.  

    I first saw an advert on Facebook for diamond painting and thought I would like to give it a go. I used to do lots of cross stitch but being in my 70’s my eyesight wasn’t as good as it used to be and I found the stitches very difficult, so I was delighted that diamond painting became my new hobby :)  

    Anyone can do it and I’m sure once you have tried it, you -like me- will be smitten. Lots of my friends are now diamond painting too. 

    I have used lots of different sites for ordering my kits but I find Happy Painting to be first and foremost. Their back up for any questions or queries is second to none, they are definitely there to help and they certainly do that. No problem is too big for them. I would recommend them to anyone interested in, or already doing diamond painting.

    Below some of my finished kits: 

    Framed Diamond Painting of a dog

    ^ My own border collie fur baby

    Framed diamond painting a red sakura blossoms

    ^ A diamond painting to brighten up a dull bedroom 

    Framed diamond painting of a sitting dog

    ^ My daughter's dog

    Framed diamond painting of a teddy bear family

    - Stella, UK'


    What a lovely story right? We are so happy for Stella that she found her passion in Diamond Painting. We love to hear and share our Happy Painters' experiences.

    Do you want to share your diamond painting experience just like Stella? Get in touch and your blog can be next!

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