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Handy Diamond Painting Accessories

Handy Diamond Painting Accessories - Explained!

Accessories are a feast for the eyes, right? Well, for diamond painting they are truly essential. It makes diamond painting not only easier but also much more fun! In this blog, we will show you a few selected accessories to inform you how to use them best. 


This box, also called a sorting box, makes it easier to find the right colour diamonds. It can become quite chaotic if you keep storing the diamonds in zip-locks. A common struggle is that those zip-locks rip open then its not unlikely that you lose some of your diamonds! The storage box is a great solution, as it has different containers. In total, there are 28 of them (seven rows of four containers). Do you prefer to work with loose containers? We have a super handy set with 30 or 60 loose tubes, including a gorgeous case!
STORAGE BOX for diamond painting
With every diamond painting you order at Happy Painting, you receive a starter kit, containing a regular pen. This pen is a great pen to start with. However, if you prefer a pen which is more comfortable and has a fancy design, the Premium Pen is a great choice for you! This pen contains a piece of wax at the top of the pen. This is super handy to pick up the diamonds quickly without sticking it in the wax first. But we left the options open. You can still decide whether you pick up the diamond with the wax part or just with the normal tip. 
These are awesome! Are you familiar with that feeling when you spend a long time working on your painting and your fingers are getting sensitive from holding the pen firmly? These soft pen grips will be a great solution for you! Slide the grip over your pen and we promise that you will no longer suffer from painful fingers due to holding the hard pen. Fun fact; you get this grip as a gift in all our starter kits with every painting in our shop. Yay! If you work with multiple pens and you do not want to change the grip every time, you can also order them separately. 
Happy Painting Soft Pen Grip | 10 pieces
We know from the enthusiastic painters that they cannot work without this amazing accessory anymore. Are you not familiar with this one? Please keep on reading. You place the LED light pad underneath your painting. The pad has an A4 size and is dimmable. Now we can hear you thinking ‘what if I work on a bigger sized painting?’. No worries! We chose this size on purpose so you will not be stuck at home with a huge pad for which you have no place to store it. The purpose of this plate is that you place the part of your diamond painting you are working on over the lit area and you will see that all symbols will become more visible and more clear. You can continue your work of art in an even more relaxed way! No more squinted eyes because of trying to see the symbols. Amazing right? PS. This can also be an outcome on a dark winter night, when a normal light does not provide you with enough lighting to paint. 💡
Happy Painting LED Lightpad | Dimmable

The name of this accessory already reveals what it is used for. It is a very useful tool to press the diamonds more straight onto each other. Sometimes you forget the world around you because you are working on your masterpiece in complete peace. After a while, you will look at your painting from a distance. You notice that you might have gone slightly crooked placing the diamonds. With this corrector, you can easily push the stones back together so that you can continue your work in a straight line!
Happy Painting Diamond Corrector
After the light pad, this item is most indispensable while diamond painting. It sometimes happens that a few diamonds shoot up because you are working with hundreds, maybe even thousands of diamonds. Mainly with square stones. You will put these together as tightly as possible. With the roller, you can simply press these slightly rising diamonds. Use the roller during painting, but also a few times when your artwork is completely finished to make it nice, even and smooth and to be extra sure the diamonds do not come off when hanging your painting on the wall.
Diamond painting is all about precision. But what if you want to work in the evening? You can use the LED light pad, but it will be easier to have good light from above as well! The magnifier is also very handy to use if you cannot distinguish the symbols from each other because you have a painting with a lot of different colours. You can clip the magnifying glass with LED lamp to your table, and you are ready to go!
These beauties are new in our collection! Often we heard that the small pens hurt your fingers after a while. So we started looking for a solution... And here they are! The ergonomic pen is a bit thicker, which makes painting way more comfortable. This will give you more hours of happy painting! A nice extra is that these pens come with a handy tool to pick up several diamonds at the same time. And let’s face it, aren’t they beautiful?
Of course, there are many more accessories in the world of diamond painting. We sell many more in our shop, but it would be too much of a read to describe them all in this blog. Maybe in another one.. Check out all our accessories here! Do you know a handy and indispensable one that we should add to our shop? Let us know!
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pxgipbmeth - March 28, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

GIna COx - October 6, 2020

Do you know of a pen that comes pre-loaded with wax, so that you don’t have to keep stopping every 20 diamonds or so to reload with wax ? Or is that what your Premium Diamond Pen will do? I’d really be interested in knowing, because that’s the only thing that makes this wonderful hobby, unenjoyable for me – and I so want to love it more.
Gina Cox

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