LED Lightpad for Diamond Painting

A lightpad or a light plate is an essential accessory for Diamond Painting. These illuminated plates give you the light you need to work accurately wherever and whenever you want it. So you can be sure that all the diamonds end up in the right place. A light box for diamond painting is equipped with a bright LED lamp, which is dimmable and can be used with a USB cable. 


A lightpad is actually a plate on which you can clip your Diamond Painting canvas. You do this with the supplied clamps that do not damage the canvas. The lightpad is equipped with a high quality LED light which provides you with crystal clear lighting. You can easily turn it on and off with a switch.

Dimbare led-lichtbak voor diamond painting

You can also dim the lamp. Handy if you need a little more or a little less bright light while you are working on your Diamond Painting. Because of the usb connection you can use the light box wherever you want. So you are always provided with the perfect light. Not only at home, but also on the road. 


When you're working on your Diamond Painting, you want to make sure you stick the right diamonds in the right place. Do you work with colours that look a lot like each other but are still very different? If so, then the use of a lightpad is highly recommended.

Because the canvas is illuminated from underneath, you always have a bright light source at your disposal. It is therefore not necessary to switch on extra lighting in the room if you use a lightpad for diamond painting. 


You can easily order a LED light plate online in our webshop. Of course, your dimmable lightpad will be delivered complete with all kinds of handy accessories. You can think of a built-in dimmer to control the light, but also a USB cable.

You can use the lightpad at home, but it also fits easily in a bag or a backpack. Even if you want to enjoy Diamond Painting during your holiday, a light plate is an indispensable accessory. The lightpad with LED lamp fits easily in your suitcase. 

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