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Top 10 best diamond painting gifts to buy during Black Friday!

Top 10 best diamond painting gifts to buy during Black Friday!

The time has come, Black Friday is here again! You will be overwhelmed with amazing prices and deals. It can be a bit overwhelming so we at Diamond Painting World would like to give you a hand to create an overview through all this chaos. We have made a top 10 with the best gift tips for you! Check out our best gift ideas to give or get. Spoil your friend, family, or just yourself :blush:

The nicest and easiest gifts really remain the gift vouchers! With these you think of the other person and give them freedom to decide what they want to order with them. Because to be honest, the choice is huge on our site! There is so much to choose from. That’s why the gift voucher is perfect to give as a birthday present or just as a sweet gift for the other person. You can choose the value of the gift voucher yourself. They are available in 10, 25, 50 and 100 euros!

Gift Card diamond painting

Design your own Diamond Painting with a nice price tag too! These are the best gifts to give. You can make it as personal as you like. You can spoil yourself with this cool idea or surprise someone else with a nice photo. Please pay attention to the quality and other requirements of the photo. Read more about it here!

Own photo diamond painting

Have you had enough of the standard paintings and are you looking for a challenge? Then a multiple panel painting is really something for you! These paintings add so much dynamism to the look and experience itself. Also nice to hang up in the living room when it’s completed! Everyone wants to see this work of art, don’t they? And it is even more fun to receive it as a gift! Of course you can always give it to yourself as a present. We need to take good care of ourselves as well right?

Would you like to give your friend, who is a fanatical Diamond Painter, a nice gift? How about the Accessory Kit? He or she will be very happy with it! It contains a lot of fun and handy items, which makes painting a lot more fun and relaxing. Included in the kit are tweezers, a storage box, several pens with multi placers and shaking trays, a pouch, wax pieces and safety glasses.

Would you like to give a present but his or her birthday is not yet around? Then we know what to do! The holidays are coming soon. Stash some gifts for the holidays so you can save some money. We have a very nice and extensive collection of holiday paintings available on our website! There are a lot of products available for Christmas. Besides Christmas paintings, we also have Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments and much more!

It is Black Friday and you would like to order a painting. Because to be honest, these offers are fantastic! Aren’t they? You’ve already made so many Diamond Paintings and you don’t want to make another painting. Your agenda is already so full of appointments! Then we have something really nice for you here: the magnetic frame! You can hang up all your Diamond Paintings in a beautiful (and mega handy) frame! This is so easy in just 3 steps. And your Diamond Paintings will become even more beautiful! I would say, give yourself this present. Through this blog, there are more great ideas about what you can do with your Diamond Painting when it’s finished.

During Black Friday you’ll be overwhelmed with great prices! We at Happy Painting would like to give you a helping hand to your favourite animal! Our animal world is huge and we have almost all of them. We have very cute animals, but also very tough ones. Take a look at this collection and maybe your painting addiction will start today. Finally an addiction that is acceptable and relaxing for you, and only today is it good for your wallet!

During Diamond Painting, comfort is very important. But we also like it when comfort goes hand in hand with a fun look! That’s why our Diamond Painting pens are designed with the coolest designs, but they are also super comfortable to hold. Nice to give and to get! Have you already seen our newest pens? Check them out here! They are super soft and cute!

The world has so many seasons! That makes your country very special. What is even more special is that we offer nice prices today because it is Black Friday! Isn’t it nice to give a painting of a certain season as a present to your friend? Some can’t wait for the summer to start again, while others can enjoy Winter Wonderland intensely. At Happy Painting you don’t have to wait for seasons, because you can give them all as gifts! Check out our collection with seasons here

Would you like to give a little something as a present? That’s possible too! We have very nice special items available. Here you’ll find notebooks, key rings, greeting cards and much more! The advantage is that these presents are just as nice to get and you won’t have to spend as much time with them as with a normal diamond painting. There is also a special price attached because it is Black Friday. So shop these nice items quickly! 

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