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    Help! My colours do not seem to match!

    Colours do not match

    After hours searching on the internet, you found your favourite canvas. You put it in your shopping bag and payed. Now you have to wait until you will receive your beautiful painting. Day by day, you are getting more excited because your Diamond Painting will arrive soon. Finally, the day has come and you hear the sound of the bell at the front door. There it is, your Diamond Painting order!

    You start unwrapping and discover something... Not every colour matches with the image. That is strange! In this blog, we would like to explain you why this could happen.

    Custom diamond painting



    Images contain shapes, shadows, colours which creates forms the quality of an image. Many colours are used while you might think there is only one colour to be seen. Imagine that you upload a photo of your favourite pet. It is a beautiful black dog. You can see that the pixels differ in colour if you zoom in. If we would use the same colour of black diamonds for this part, it would be a very flat surface. There will be no shapes, shadows, contrast or possible movements. That is why many different colours are used while making a Diamond Painting!

    Here an example and an amazing review of one of our regular customers. 


    Here is the picture of my dog. The result is amazing! It is insane that this portrait (50x50cm) of our black dog Jordy only included 1600 black diamonds. I am really happy. Now I can see that it is important to finish the painting first and take a look back for a perfect result. Thank you very much for this beautiful painting and good service.’

    Of course we also saw that this dog is a black beauty in real life, but it is good to look critically at the photo that is uploaded. You can read more about that in this blog. The photo above is for example a photo where a flash is used. You can see this by the dog's shiny fur and lit eyes. The flash has really changed the colour spectrum of this picture.



    The smaller size diamond painting you order, the less space there is for the details and therefore also the different colours needed to carry out these details. We advise to go for a minimum size of 40x40cm or 50x50cm, because with these sizes the least details will disappear. The larger the painting, the more space there is for details and colour gradient in the diamonds.

    Are you still not quite sure about your own picture painting after reading this advice? No worries! You can always contact us to request an example, for free!

    Or: order your Diamond Painting with own picture here!

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    Not only is it enjoyable, but diamond painting can also be used as a form of stress relief or creative expression. It requires patience and precision, but the end result often looks amazing! With so many different designs available on the market today, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

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