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framing diamond painting

Framing your Diamond Painting!

You finished your diamond painting! Yay! And now what?

Your beautiful piece of art is finally finished after hours of painting! It took a long time to create this artwork. What are you going to do with it? It is a pity to just put it in a box right…


Did you know that your painting will be even prettier if you frame it with one of our super handy magnetic frames? It only takes 3 steps to put it on the painting! You will have a real artwork instead of ‘just’ a painting. Let’s call a museum for it!

Diamond Painting Magnetic Frame


Do you want to take a step further? You can also buy a picture frame in the store. Our advice is to wait until you got your painting so you know the exact size.

Take a look at these nice and creative frame ideas:

You can do multiple things if you buy a wooden frame! You can decorate it with left-over diamonds or you can create a pattern on the frame. Many things are possible with a wooden frame! Colouring, painting, decorating with diamonds or stickers. Everything for your Diamond Painting of course! It all depends on your own taste or style and what you already have at home, so we cannot necessarily advise anything. But we can give more creative and great ideas!


You can give your frame a nice colour to match with the interior at home or with the painting itself. We advise you to take a look at which paint is the best for the type of wood or other material you are using as frame. Make sure that the frame is really dry before you place the painting in it, before drips f paint will appear on your beautiful diamonds!


Do you think that just 1 colour is boring? You can also frame your painting with a cool home made pattern! For example, you can buy fabric on the market and place it around the frame. The most convenient way to do this is with a tacker. Are you good at drawing? Then you could also even just draw a pattern or something else on the frame itself and colour-paint it!


Do you like to think out of the box? What do you think of this! You can cover or decorate the frame with branches! Look how cool this is! The easiest and cheapest way is to just find the branches in the forest and take them home with you. Avoid wet branches and remove sharp edges. Maybe you can find some leaves too! 


Are you a collector and you have many buttons, flowers, shells or something else left? We know what you can do with it! You can decorate your frame with loose parts! We recommend to buy a flat frame so it is easy to stick the loose parts on the frame. Isn't it amazing to decorate a frame with shells if you made a painting from our sea collection? Awesome right!


This also a beautiful way of hanging up your painting:

This beautiful piece of art is made by a customer herself and she took the time to explain it step by step.

  • Hardboard pictures stapled on slats
  • It is glued to a large plate
  • Everything is painted black
  • The cloths glued with bookbinder’s glue on the hardboard plates
  • Cut the white edges with a sharp knife

And admire it!

Don't you have enough space indoors? How about outside! You can enjoy the sunshine and your artwork at the same time! Keep in mind that it is raining a lot in the UK, so it is very important to have a frame that can handle the rain. 

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