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How Do I Start With Diamond Painting

How Do I Start With Diamond Painting

To answer that question, we first need to know what Diamond Painting actually is. Diamond painting is painting with little gemstones or so called diamonds. You cover a canvas in a layer of tiny “diamonds” that together form a glittering whole. 

Before you start picking up diamond painting as a hobby, you need to know that it requires quite a bit of patience.  In order to get a beautiful end-result, you have to be precise in putting thousands of tiny “diamonds” on a canvas. But for many people, this aspect is actually very relaxing.

Diamond painting is a hobby for young and old, everyone can enjoy it. For kids there are actually special diamond painting kits that suit their age, the “diamonds” are a bit bigger and the patterns are easier. 

As a beginning diamond painter we would advise you to start with a simpler and smaller design to allow yourself to get accustomed to the process. You can practice placing the diamonds on the canvas and find out a system that works for you.

Diamond painting doesn’t have to be expensive. There are diamonds paintings available for only £10. So it really is accessible for everyone. 

You will need a starter kit to get going, luckily this is included with every diamond painting order on Happy Painting. The starter set includes a shaking tray, tweezers, wax, a painting pencil and a pen grip. The tray will help you sort your diamonds whereas the painting pencil is used to apply the diamonds on the canvas. The wax is used in combination with the painting pencil and allows you to easily pick up individual diamonds. You can use tweezers to sort your diamonds or to correct their position on the canvas slightly. The canvases come in different sizes. The difficulty of a painting often depends on the size of the canvas and the design of the painting.

Diamond painting isn’t really a hobby you can take with you on the train or the bus. You need to find a quiet spot where you can work for hours in a relaxing way on filling your canvas with diamonds. 

Diamond painting is becoming increasingly popular, there are for example Facebook groups in which tips and tricks are shared between diamond painters. Anyone can start with diamonds painting, it is easy to get into and you will feel so proud when you see your first finished glittering diamond painting! 

Here is a Youtube video with some extra tips & tricks for beginners that just start diamond painting.

Diamond painting tool set
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jessie de luca - August 11, 2020

hi I am interested in buying a diamond painting but Im not sure if it comes with the diamonds. can you please let me know what I need to buy as I would like to start with the tropical leaf painting (smallest size)

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