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Diamond Painting to relieve stress & anxiety

Diamond Painting to relieve stress & anxiety

Diamond painting is the remedy against stress and anxiety. Not only is it a fun way to be creative, it also allows you to wind down and relax completely. While doing so, you’re creating a beautiful painting that is gorgeous and sparkly. But how does diamond painting help you to release stress and anxiety? And for whom is diamond painting a suitable hobby? In this article we will tell you about diamond painting and why this fun activity provides tranquillity and relaxation.

Being creative eases our mind. That’s important, especially since our lives are so busy and hectic. It sometimes seems as if there is no room for relaxation. Our day-to-day activities require strict planning and we also have to deal with pressure from. It is hard to combine our jobs, social activities and family life with taking time for ourselves. But we shouldn’t forget how important it is to sometimes take some time for yourself and relax. 

Diamond painting allows us to clear our heads and to release the tensions of the day. Unnoticed, or maybe even ignored, stress can result in physical complaints and sometimes even burnouts. To prevent that from happening it is key to take the time to relax our body and mind. This is exactly what you do while diamond painting. Not only is it relaxing, it is also a very satisfying and entertaining process. 

two ladies diamond painting a grinning cat


You can look at diamond painting as a new form of Paint by Numbers, but without paint. By following a predefined pattern, “diamonds” in various colours are placed on a self-adhesive canvas. Every colour is connected to a symbol, these symbols can be seen on the canvas as well and indicate where a colour should be placed. A special pen is used to pick up diamonds and place them on the canvas. Doing this requires some attention and patience. Although the procedure is rather easy and simple, diamond painting is all about the detail and neatness. The more precise you are, the better the end-result. 

Because of the attention to detail diamond painting requires, you often work with deep focus. Our brain doesn’t have to think about anything else. This will allow you to release the tensions of the day. Stress seems to melt away and you will feel so relaxed. Diamond painting is thus a creative hobby that allows you to wind down. Because of the beautiful results, it is easy to manage the necessary perseverance and focus. 

Placing the diamonds on the canvas can sometimes almost feel addicting, because with each diamond placed the end-result becomes more visible. Placing the diamonds is simple and easy and you’ll become faster and better by experience. You don’t have to think too much which makes it easy to get completely immersed in the process. 

Diamond painting is not just relaxing but also fun! We offer a wide variety in prints and patterns which ensures that everyone can find something to their liking. It doesn’t matter what size or print you choose, just enjoy the process. 

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