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Cows in a List

Cows in a List
Cows in a List
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Round diamonds: Best choice for beginners
Square diamonds: Best choice for more advanced painters.
Choose a minimum of 40x40cm in order not to lose any details.
  • Choose at least 40x40cm in order not to lose details

    The smaller the painting, the more details the image loses. To be able to deliver your custom painting beautifully, we recommend you to not order too small. In general, larger paintings better conserve the detail and colours of the photo.

  • Upload high-quality photos for better results

    High quality photos make it easier for the designer to subtract the right colours for your painting.

  • Choose a size that fits the dimensions of your photo

    For example, do not choose a square size if your photo is landscape oriented (rectangular). Then unfortunately a part of your photo will have to be cut off or our designers choose to send you a suitable size painting.

  • Use a bright photo with enough light

    Dark photos are difficult to convert into beautiful bright colours. That is why we always recommend to choose a clear photo with vibrant colours.

  • Colors may differ a little from how you see them

    The diamonds are carefully selected with a special program that examines which colours are in the photo. But it may be that a white shade is actually slightly more yellow. Do not panic! Our experience has shown that it is best to finish the painting and then you will see that it looks great as a whole.

  • Make sure that the subject of your photo is closeby

    Ideally, the person(s) or animal(s) in your picture are in the middle of your picture and not too far away. Try to minimize the surroundings for smaller-sized paintings. That way, the essential details will remain!

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  • Diamond Painting Roller $34.00

The best diamond paintings are exclusively available at Happy Painting Store. We have already been able to help more than 100.000 satisfied customers to discover this fun and relaxing hobby!  With us, you can always choose from the most popular designs in a large range of sizes. Would you like a different size? Just contact us, we are happy to offer custom sizes.

Round diamonds: the best choice for beginners. Easy to stick down, the canvas stays partially visible.

Square diamonds: the best choice for diamond painters who like precision, the diamonds cover the canvas completely. 

Products are being send by the supplier on name of the buyer, the buyer is responsible for its import. Applicable costs, such as import tax or customs are to be paid by the buyer.

Cows in a List Diamond Painting


Best quality!

The diamond painting turned out very well! Absolutely the best quality. I always order my diamond paintings here. 4th is already on its way!
S. Dijkstra

Super happy!

Super happy as always with my own diamond painting design. I can now go back to it for a while. Have also already ordered a suitcase from you because I will lose all my stones haha!
N. Goudsteen

Great hobby!

I order all my paintings from diamond painting world. Have tried several stores but this really remains the best. Great hobby !!
R. Veenstra

Thanks DPW! 🧡

As a diamond painting expert I can say that this is really the best quality! Nice promotions and free gifts with orders .. Thanks DPW! 🧡
D. Draaisma


Made a diamond painting for the first time. Very satisfied with the result. Couldn't have wished for better! Thanks.
V. Mulder

Everything in 1 package

Diamond painting package
of the best quality

We have done our best to make the diamond painting package as complete as possible. We have carefully selected the materials so that you can get started immediately and without any problems!

+ 20% extra stones

We have added 20% extra stones so that you have at least enough stones, even if you accidentally drop a few!

High quality canvas

We have the best canvas available at the moment. The glue layer is extra strong so that your stones stick well. In addition, the canvas is water and dirt resistant!

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We have special collaborations with different artists so that our offer is always unique. So nowhere else available!