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    Which size?


    We get this question a lot from our customers. It is hard to tell which size you need if you never ordered a diamond painting before. On this page, we would like to inform you more about the sizes.



    The small sized diamond paintings we provide are suitable for images which just have few details. For example, our collection with cartoon designs is very suitable for the small diamond paintings because they do not contain many details and have solid lines with contrasting colours in their images. All other diamond paintings which don't have many details will be suitable for these sizes. The results will still be as beautiful with small sizes. If we talk about small sizes, we mean 20x20cm (7.87x7.87"), 20x25cm (7.87x9.84") and 25x30cm (9.84x11.81")


    For diamond paintings holds, the bigger the size the better the result: as with a bigger size more diamonds can be used to portray the image, and thus more details will be visible.



    If you want to create a custom painting based on a photo or image you like, we advise you to get a minimum size of 30x40cm (11.81x15.75"). The reason is that a photo often holds a lot of details. It would be a pity if these details are not portrayed in your painting. As a result, the painting will look less alike. Most customers pick size 40x50cm (15.75x19.7") or 50x70cm (19.7x27.56") for their custom photo diamond painting. Does your photo or image contain only a small amount of details? Then you can choose a smaller size! Have a look at the charts below to see which size would fit best for your painting! 


    Are you still not sure which size to choose? We have written a blog about this with some more tips! Or do you need personal advise? Feel free to reach out to us trough email or Facebook Messenger, we love to help you. We can even make a preview if you want to see what you can expect. 



    Size chart



    20x20cm (7.87x7.87")

    20x25cm (7.87x9.84")

    25x30cm (9.84x11.81")

    Photo or image with not too much details and colours. 

    For example: a cartoon image with solid lines, bright colours and small elements.

    30x30cm (11.81x11.81")

    30x40cm (11.81x15.75")

    40x40cm (15.75x15.75")

    Photo or image with details and colours. 

    For example: portraits of a single person or animal with vibrant colours. Preferably taken from closeby to minimize surroundings.

    40x50cm (15.75x19.7")

    50x50cm (19.7x19.7")

    50x60cm (19.7x23.62")

    Photo with details and colours. 

    For example: portraits with colourful surroundings or photos with multiple people/animals.

    50x70cm (19.7x27.56")

    60x60cm (23.62x23.62")

    60x90cm (23.62x35.43")

    Photo with lots of details and colours.

    For example: landscapes, groups of people with a lot of colours and details. Both in subjects as in surroundings.




     20x20cm (7.87x7.87")

    30x30cm (11.81x11.81") 30x40cm (11.81x15.75")
     40x50cm (15.75x19.7") 50x50cm (19.7x19.7") 50x70cm (19.7x27.56")
     60x90cm (23.62x35.43")






    By reading this article you are ready to start! Would you like to take a look at our designs? Go to our collection page. Would you rather make your own personalised painting? Then choose our Custom Diamond Painting! Or do you prefer to start right away with a complete kit? Then order the Happy Painting Starters Kit today.

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