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Round or square diamonds?

With diamond painting, you have the option to work with round-shaped diamonds or square-shaped diamonds. But what are the differences working with these two different shapes? We are going to tell you a little bit more about that on this page.



The square-shaped diamonds have a perfect fit. All diamonds will fit tightly together without gaps in between. You cannot see parts of the canvas anymore. This gives a beautiful result.

Customers say that working with square diamond requires more concentration and dedication, rather than with round ones. But customers also say that they like the results of the square diamonds better because there are no gaps at all between the diamonds.


Our advice: please choose the square diamonds if you don't mind working with patience. It helps if you have experience working with diamonds or other crafts where you have to work with precision.



Round diamonds are often used with small Diamond Paintings. If you use round diamonds, there will be a little gap between the diamonds as they cannot fill become perfectly aligned. Through the small gaps, parts of the canvas will still be visible. A big plus of round diamonds is that they are easy to stick on the canvas. You can place them in any direction. In general, you will finish your Diamond Painting quicker with round diamonds.


Our advice: If you want to work without thinking too much, you should choose the round diamonds. They are recommended for starting diamond painters.



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