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Lifetime Warranty!

Diamond Paintings look like a small craftwork at first glance, but you will notice that when you start working on it you will completely lose yourself in them: this will be your masterpiece!

Logical, as it is a quite demanding task to stick all the thousands of diamonds on before your beautiful painting appears.

When your work of art is finished, of course you want to enjoy it as long as possible, like all your purchases.
That is why we guarantee a lifetime warranty on all our products at Happy Painting Store.

So even if diamonds suddenly fall off your painting after it has been hanging on the wall for 2 years, we will be happy to work this out with you.
Did you buy the painting but could not start working on it right away, and do you only find out later that it is not to your liking or that a part is missing? No problem, there is no expiry date to our services.

All you have to do is send a message to our customer service and we will take care of it! Sometimes we have to reorder products from the supplier, which can take a while to receive, but we will always help you out. We promise!