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7 Useful Diamond Painting Tips

7 Useful Diamond Painting Tips

Diamond painting is a new, fun, and incredibly satisfying arts & craft activity that is enjoyed by more and more people each day as they discover how fun it is. But because it is an activity that includes tiny little bits of resin (the diamonds), wax, and an adhesive covered canvas that constantly wants to curl up as you paint.

Diamond painting of a deer

Thankfully there are some easy tips to keep at hand while you are creating your diamond painting masterpiece that will ensure more FUN than frustration. Here are 7 useful diamond painting tips:

1. Choose a picture that resonates with you. Beginners especially often simply grab any design that’s available to start with. This can be a mistake because it is likely you will be spending HOURS with your project. Make sure to pick a design that is fun and that you resonate with as you will be spending a lot of time looking at it as you work away.

2. Apply the tape. Before you begin, take the corners of the canvas down to prevent it from rolling up. This will make everything that follows MUCH easier.

3. Go easy on the wax. When dipping your stylus into the wax, be careful not to pick up too much on the end. You only need a TINY bit of wax to grab the diamond. Use too much and your painting will become a waxy mess in no time.

4. Have a toothpick handy. Sometimes, those little bits of resin don’t want to sit right once you have placed them. A toothpick makes a perfect tool to help gently push them back into place when needed.

5. Multi-tools make the big coloured areas go quickly. A multi-tool can pick up several diamonds at once, making the filling out of same coloured areas much easier and quicker to do.

6. Add dryer sheets to the mix. Static is NOT your friend when it comes to diamond painting. The tiny resin bits tend to become static electric as they rub together, so including a little piece of dryer sheet with them in storage is a great way to cut down on the static created.

7. Store your diamonds in small resealable containers. Your local arts and crafts store should have some small clear tubes with screw on caps. These are perfect for storing your diamonds so you can choose the colors you need easily and keep them all contained to prevent a mess.

Focus on the tips above and your next diamond painting session will be filled with fun and NOT frustration. Enjoy!

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Inga-Lill Johansson - March 26, 2023

Vad gör jag när stenarna inte fastnar

GIna COx - October 6, 2020

What are the sticky pads in the accessories for? It would be really handy if you had descriptions, so we knew what each of the accessories did and what they were for.

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