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2021 Beginners Guide to Start in the World of Diamond Painting!

2021 Beginners Guide to Start in the World of Diamond Painting!

Have you ever seen paintings made up of pieces that look like crystals or diamonds? Maybe in a viral video on your social media. Whether you have that image in your mind or not, we share with you this guide to get you started in the world of diamond painting. 

You are probably wondering what exactly diamond painting is. Well, it is an artistic activity typical of plastic arts. It is also known as mosaic or embroidery. The technique, patented by the Chinese company Guangdong Dazu Yueming (producer of industrial laser equipment), emerged in 2010. In a short time it became popular and spread throughout Europe and the world.

Before Starting Diamond Painting

It is important that you have the necessary implements to do diamond painting. When getting your kit, you will notice that it includes the following materials: a framed painting, a printed design, a reference table (each color corresponding to symbols or numbers), a pencil specially designed for crystals gripping, a sheet of wax to apply to the tip of the pencil and facilitate the adherence of the crystals, a tray to distribute the crystals and, of course, a variety of diamonds of different shades.

The Step By Step For Diamond Painting:

  1. A good first tip: when you're ready to get started, don't peel the adhesive off the canvas completely! Do it progressively, as you need the spaces to add diamonds. What's cool about it is that you won’t get confused. You will be more organized when painting and you’ll prevent your painting from getting dusty.

  1. If you look closely, you’ll see that the printed drawing is divided into small squares: each one is marked with a symbol or number that you must compare with the reference list. The symbol ◉, for example, can indicate the color blue. Above all ◉, then, you already know that you should only put blue diamonds.

  1. Drop some crystals into the tray. A very useful recommendation for this process is that you gradually uncover the bags with diamonds. The last thing you want is mixing up the colors and shapes. We recommend that you always keep them separate.

  1. Take the pencil and press the tip into the wax. Thus, the crystals will adhere more easily to the applicator. Bring the pencil close to one of the crystals and make sure it snaps on. If it doesn’t hold easily, apply a little more wax.

  1. Finally, you can glue crystals on the frame, carefully following the nomenclature of the reference table. Now that you have your work of art ready, you can ensure that the diamonds are fully bonded and fully fixed by pressing down on the painting with a book or a hard, flat surface.

Some Final Tips:

Keep these extra tips in mind: Be careful and don't apply too much pressure to the wax. Too much wax can cause diamonds to stick, stick together, or lose their shine.

One very used method to ensure diamonds stay in a straight line is gluing them in zigzag patterns. You can also start painting the picture from top to bottom to make the process easier.

So, what are you waiting for to start your path in the Diamond Painting world?

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Samm Oshen - February 10, 2023

Nice guide. Its really useful

Daniel Howard - February 6, 2023

I like diamond painting a lot. i have purchased paintings from I want my own paintings. you guide will be helpful for me. thanks

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